Meet Our Dedicated Team

At QuadEfficient, our team is composed of industry veterans who bring decades of expertise in engineering, procurement, and business development from the heavy engineering, mining, and construction sectors.

Our combined experience and innovative approach drives our mission to create efficient, high-performing solutions while maintaining the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for our clients.

Jeremy Howard

Chief Executive Officer

0467 952 528

Jeremy provides Quad with a ‘Client’s perspective’, given his career in procurement, particularly in engineering and maintenance products and services, with various mining companies. He understands the frustrations that clients feel and challenges our business to focus on the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). “Our philosophy is to assess tangible metrics to innovate our designs, and create efficiencies through learned knowledge, while being immensely disciplined to exceed quality, all in a bid to further reduce the same TCO we originally publicised.”

Wayne Morriss

Chief Operating Officer

0429 207 627

With an accumulated portfolio of 25 years’ involvement in the heavy engineering, mining and construction sectors, Wayne prides himself on being an ethical, knowledgeable, and accomplished professional focused on adding value through hidden efficiencies and optimisation initiatives. With varied experience globally through account management, business development, product development along with technology integration he has provided many opportunities to grow portfolios and revenues for mining companies, contractors and OEM’s globally.

Steve Turner

Director of Sales and Engineering

0433 659 084

Steve has been at the forefront of mining equipment innovation for the past 15 years. Along with his early mentors, his belief and determination changed the landscape of dump truck bodies from a standard heavy attachment to a customised, high-performing, value-adding, light weight asset.

An experienced Sales and Business Development professional, Steve has the distinct ability to transpose his Client’s needs into the end product through collaboration with his engineering team. Steve continues to challenge the status quo through optimising efficiencies in the products and services his company produces.

David Pichanick

Director Strategy & Growth

0417 517 345

Creating strategies that are real, visions that become reality, goals which are achievable, David has a strong history of producing excellent results for his clients, his people and ultimately for his company. A very likeable, but aggressive and competitive person with the need to excite and perform.

A team player creating fantastic opportunities for work life balance for his teams, with passion, excitement and enthusiasm.

David has extensive global experience, exposure to the ups and downs of corporate business, experiencing numerous cultural challenges in many companies with a proven track record of building successful teams to meet corporate visions, strategies and goals.