Engineering, Design and
Innovation Initiatives

Know Your Products Identity

We are Quad Efficient – a group of collaborators, highly motivated and experienced mining professionals, engineers, designers, and innovators with only one goal in mind: to provide excellence in everything we do.

Delivering Exceptional Value

Our specialised process and control centres ensure that we provide and maintain the highest level of solution and quality assurance in everything we do, no matter where we are. We are conscious of the values for the future generations to guarantee today’s actions for tomorrow’s results, and our products include and reflect this in everything we do “Think Big, Think Quadefficient”.

The four fundamental pillars for Quad Efficient vision are to:


Innovate for the future


Analyse and Deliver


Planning and Execution Quality


Continuously Improvement & Development

What We Do

Fit-For-Purpose Innovations

QEE maximises your mine productivity by uncovering hidden efficiencies through our unique innovation process.

Enhancing Excavation Performance

Our Quad Buckets mirrors the required reflection of the operation and the critical requirement for load and haul matching, specifically, our process creates a layered approach of understanding and creating a turn-key solution.

Optimising the Dig and Haul Cycle

Each QUAD body is designed for its specific purpose, offering the ultimate fit-for-purpose hauling solutions that are developed from actual machine performance insights matched with the operations-specific mining environment and conditions.

Developing the Difference

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