No more making assumptions on commodity moved, best practices or suitable equipment requirements for your mine site – “Know your product” through Quad Efficient collaboration approach and see real results.

Quad Engineering Identity

The identity of Quad Efficient Engineering is to supply beyond the customer’s expectation, designing products that create a balanced result through innovation, Quality, Economy, Efficiency, environmental, and Safety features. The four fundamental pillars for Quad Efficient vision are to:

  • Innovate for the future
  • Analysis and Deliver
  • Planning and Execution Quality
  • Continuously Improvement & Development

We understand all mining operations are different, Quad Efficient major value is to understand customers' targets through our unique data collection process, providing a customised product which will guarantee increases in the efficiency of each and every operation, contributing economically to reduction of investment and increasing final profitability for all end users. Environmental impacts and safety initiatives feature through all our products followed by our quality control management process, we are conscious of the values for future generations to guarantee today's actions for tomorrow's results, and our products include and reflect this in everything we do reducing risk for the future of unexpected situations.

Quad Innovations Hub

At QEE, we are dedicated to creating a difference through our unique innovation hub. Our experienced engineering and design team is committed to delivering next-generation innovation to the global mining industry. Our business is built on a solid foundation of engineering excellence and a drive to create value through hidden efficiencies that lead to bottom-line profitability for our clients.

Our independent design process is a unique style of collaboration that encourages technical challenges and assesses current machine performance. This process ensures that we exhaust all capabilities and limitations to achieve a high-level outcome and real results for our clients.

Quad Payload Solutions

QEE maximises your mine productivity by uncovering hidden efficiencies through our unique innovation process.

By analysing actual haul fleet performance, machine data, and understanding your fleet's challenges, restrictions, and unique mining conditions, we can create a Fit-For-Purpose product that meets your overall product requirements.

Our approach leads to future innovation and increased productivity, resulting in higher profits for your business. Trust QEE to design the difference and achieve maximum payload efficiency for your fleet.

Quad Excellence Centre

QEE's "Quad Excellence Centre" is a one-of-a-kind control centre that provides our clients with superior products and innovative solutions anywhere in the world. This initiative activates our control process from design to commissioning, ensuring that our products are delivered to the highest standards.

At QEE, we are committed to Quality, Safety, Innovation, and Collaboration, and the Quad Excellence Centre reinforces our promise to these values.

The Quad Excellence Centre provides an additional, independent layer of oversight for supply chain, manufacturing, quality control, and safety activities. This ensures our clients can trust that their products are being delivered with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Quad Stable Breeding

At Quad Efficient, we deliver excellence through our stable breeding model, supporting our Quad Excellence Centre. Our "Go to Market" strategy ensures that we not only offer the best quality products but also the best commercial outcomes for our clients worldwide.

Through our global alignments and joint venture partners, we are able to drive local knowledge and experience across our business while maintaining strict control of our Quality Excellence Centre. This allows us to maintain a high level of standard through our purpose-built policy portfolio, ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality products and services that meet their unique needs and requirements.

At Quad Efficient, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in everything we do, and our stable breeding model is just one way we achieve this goal.